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About Us

My KPI Dashboard was created in 2007 by a team of Business Analysts and Consultants with significant experience of managing large complex Operations.

This wealth of Operational experience, combined with a solid technology capability, has resulted in a very powerful KPI Dashboard reporting solution, which can cover most of the reporting needs of any data driven business.

The My KPI Dashboard solution can be customized, and, being well equipped with analytical expertise and a clear understanding of what is required in order for Dashboards to be effective, our team is well positioned to provide high value solutions to address your specific needs.

"My KPI Dashboard provides round the clock visibility, no matter where you are... in meetings, away on business or at home."

All of our consultants were either Directors or Senior Business Analysts in large scale Operations previously, and we have all felt the pain of having to rely on manual reporting.

It is this unique and powerful combination of hands on experience in managing complex Operations, coupled with expertise in KPI Reporting and Dashboard design, that will be a significant advantage to any high volume Operational environment.

The My KPI Dashboard team will save you years of frustration and headaches, and revolutionise your business information management and reporting strategy.

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