CCA Award 2017 Best Contact Centre Productivity
Solution of the Year, 2017
Contact Centre Assoication of Singapore

What is My KPI Dashboard?

My KPI Dashboard is a fully automated self-service reporting system, designed to handle >80% of your Operational reporting needs
Created by experienced Directors and Senior Business Analysts, who have managed large, complex Operations, who understand how to design and structure effective Dashboard reporting
Provides new found visibility to your KPIs, up to the minute, 24x7, so that you can stay informed independently, no matter where you are

How does it Work?

Powerful back end processes gather and manipulate vast amounts of raw data (‘big data’) from multiple systems, to produce concise, high value management KPI information
KPI information is presented in a series of interactive, easy to understand Dashboards (by Department / Team / Site / Individual)

‘Best in Class’ Design

A set of ‘high impact’ KPIs are made available, including key focus areas such as Staff Productivity, Service Delivery and Customer Behaviour
Intuitive Point & Click design, allows you to manage your entire Operations at a glance, and drill down to the next level to view the details
Visualisation tools and Traffic Light methodology provide a simple and effective way to quickly identify unexpected activity

High Return on Investment

The visibility provided by My KPI Dashboard, enables accountability at all levels, driving business improvement across the board
Process / Service / Productivity gaps, as well as Cost Saving opportunities can be easily identified, throughout the entire Operations
Customers will be serviced more effectively, with better tracking, resource planning and more effective real time management
Wastage and emerging impact can be spotted quickly, and corrective actions can be taken swiftly, averting potentially costly outcomes
Managers and Business analysts will spend less time in meetings and running reports, and more time focusing on improvement initiatives
My KPI Dashboard provides a solid platform from which to enhance your Business Strategy, and raise the Performance, Productivity and Quality bars

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